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1 Fish, 2 Fish

A fun outdoors game for kids of all ages and skills that will help to boost teamwork and creativity!

Activity Details

GOAL: to get the object from the leader and back across the starting line as a team.

SETUP: Players line up on a starting line. An object (such as a water bottle, sunscreen, bean bag, etc) is placed a distance in front of the starting line. The leader stands behind the object with their back to the players.


  • The leader loudly says, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”. The players may only move while the leader is turned the other way and is speaking the phrase.
  • When the leader finishes “blue fish”, s/he turns around and all players must freeze. If anyone is moving after “blue fish,” the whole group goes back to the starting line.
  • If no players are caught moving, the leader turns around again and loudly says, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” and the players get to move from their current spot.
  • Once players get close enough to take the object from behind the leader, the players hide it behind their backs so the leader does not know which player has the object.
  • Players still may only move during the phrase, but once the object is taken, the player gets one guess who has the object.
  • If the leader guesses correctly, the object is returned and the players begin again at the starting line. After incorrect guesses, the players continue moving from where they are during the phrase.
  • Each freeze, a different player must have the object.
  • A medium size object such as a water bottle, sunscreen, bean bag, etc

Minimum Group Size: 5

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3 Flys Up

Active & Competitive Catching Game For Groups of 3+, Suitable for ages 7+

Activity Details

One kid is chosen as the "flyer" who stands away from the rest of the group with the football/frisbee/etc.

They throw the ball/frisbee high into the air towards the group and someone tries to catch it before it hits the ground

The first kid to catch the object three times (doesn't need to be in a row) then becomes the flyer.

Can get very competitive so be careful about kids getting overstimulated

  • Football, Frisbee, foam ball, etc. (Whichever you'd prefer)

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Look Up

Fun, Active Group Game For All Ages!

Activity Details

Stand in a circle and face towards the middle.

One player is in the middle of the circle

The group all looks down at their feet while the person in the middle counts down from 5.

When the count reaches 0, all the players "look up" at someone else in the circle.

If any players in the circle have direct eye contact with another player in the circle, those two must switch places.

The person in the middle tries to steal one of those spots when the players are switching.

Minimum Group Size: 6

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Mr. Fox

Active, Group Game For Younger Kids!

Activity Details

One player is "Mr. Fox" who stands apart from the rest of the group. The other players will yell "Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox, What Time is it?!" Afterwards Mr. Fox will choose and shout out a time (5 o'clock) while facing away from the other players. The other players will take "5" steps towards Mr. Fox. Once they get close enough Mr. Fox will respond to "What Time is It?" with something like "Dinner Time!" and turn and try to tag one of the players as they run back to the starting line. Whoever gets tagged is the next Mr. Fox

  • Cones for boundaries

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