Resources For Activity Leaders

Work Expectations To Discuss w/ Parents

It's recommended to have in-depth discussions with the parents hiring you to set up work expectations. This can cover your schedule, pay, childcare responsibilities, transportation, and currently very importantly safety concerns such as COVID-19. Here are suggested topics, questions, and concerns to cover!

Working With Groups of Children

Working with a group of children can be a whole new experience from one child. Establishing a safe environment for the kids to connect and have fun is really important. If wondering how to work with a group of children you can follow these suggestions and concepts based on summer camp models!

Managing Children's Behavior

Struggling or worried about how to manage children's misbehavior when on the job? You can follow these suggestions for strategies dealing with mishbehavior. However, your greatest resource will be the parents - so discuss with them about their preferred course of action for handling potential behavior problems!

Leading Activities & Games

Suggestions and tips for running games and/or activities with one or a group of children!