How does KidCare Work - FAQs

How do I get a job? 

(1) Create or Update Your Profile with your available schedule, activities, and desired pay.

(2) Parents will contact your for a job then KidCare will email you and show the information for it. 
If you accept: you'll be given the parent's contact information to proceed and discuss the job details with them. KidCare & More is not responsible for scheduling or pay between Youth Leaders and Parent Families so that must be discussed and decided on between them. 

How do I Update or Create a Profile

(1) To Create a Profile: Go to our Get Started page to create your own profile!

(2) To Update a Profile: Log in and update your profile!

How do I get hired?

Parent families will contact you (through KidCare & More) about possible jobs and then you can accept the request, at which point KidCare will provide you with their contact information.

How do I get in touch with parent families?

KidCare will send you an email with the received contact information for the parent family that requested you for a job.