Icebreaker Activities/Games

Help "break the ice" and get to know each other!

Parents: find a leader for an activity below. You can also find and reach out to an Icebreakers Leader and let the leader recommend activities to do.

Hula Hoop Pass

Outdoor, Group Icebreaker for Any Age

Stand in a circle holding hands then use body movements and teamwork to move a hula-hoop (or two!) around the circle!

Activity Details
  • Stand in a circle holding hands with a Hulu hoop around connected hands
  • Choose a direction and use teamwork and body movements to move the hula hoop over each kid's body to the next kid without breaking the circle
  • For fun, time the group to see how fast the kids can move the Hula hoop around the circle! Try to set new records.
  • For another fun twist, use a 2nd hula hoop of a different size which passes the other direction around the circle.
  • Hula Hoop
  • If using 2 hoops, make sure they're different sizes so one can pass through the other.

Find an icebreakers leader for this activity.

Name & An Action

Fun IceBreaker for all ages - Great for helping kids get to know each other's names!

Activity Details
  • Have the group stand in a circle The first person says their name then does an action (Ex: clap, snap, spin, etc.)
  • The second person repeats the first person's name & action, then says their own name and adds their own action.
  • Continue with each person around circle. Each new person must say all the names and do the appropriate actions of everyone before them!

Find an icebreakers leader for this activity.