Tips For Leading Activities & Games

When leading kids in games or activities there are some tips you can follow to help the process go more smoothly.

(1) Keep the steps and explanation short (about 2-3 minutes) so you can keep the kids’ attention, then make minor adjustments as needed

- Try to keep it to 3-5 simple steps

- Wait to start explaining until you have the whole group’s attention.

(2) Remember to cover any rules / safety guidelines

- Keep rules/guidelines positive - remember to tell kids what you want them to do (refrain from saying “don’t”)

- Be sure to cover ALL rules necessary for safety (boundaries, etc.)

- If a rule is constantly not being observed, stop those children (or the whole group, if necessary) and address the issue. Use eye contact. Be firm and back up your words with action.

(3) Maintain supervision during games for both safety and for keeping the game running

(Ex. Billy says he tagged Timmy, but Timmy says he didn’t. Fortunately, you saw that Billy didn’t so you can resolve it quickly.)

(4) Check-in during the game/activity and provide assistance if needed. Water breaks are great, especially when it’s hot, for both staying hydrated and keeping the kids from getting too overstimulated

(5) Give time warnings as you get close to breaks or when you’re changing games/activities. Helps prepare the kids for the transition so they aren’t surprised or angry when you “suddenly” end the game

(6) Debrief at the end of games/activities - (Ask how it was, what did they learn, what would be better / what they want to do next time?) Open communication helps connections grow either between you and the children or between themselves.