Tips For Managing Children’s Behavior As An Activity Leader

Here are some suggestions to manage kids' behavior proactively and ways to work through behavior challenges as they come up. Be sure to talk with the parent on any behavior strategies they use with their children.

- Having a quick talk with the child on how you're going to work together:

1) We're going to listen to each other

2) Treat everyone with respect and

3) Be kind 

- Ask parents for strategies and ways they would like you to respond to this kind of behavior from their child

- Some parents have special strategies or an incentive system they use with their child in response to this behavior; it’s helpful to get this info ahead of time if possible

More Detailed Breakdown:


(1) Explain what he/she is doing wrong

(2) Inform child of Natural/logical consequences

(3) Have the child explain appropriate behavior.

- Refer to Code of living

(4) Pleasant request for the child to stop inappropriate behavior.

(5) Explain how the child’s behavior is affecting you and the group

*i.e. “When you ____, I/we feel _____ because…”

“When you don’t keep your hands to yourself, the other childredn don’t like you hitting them because it hurts and gets them into trouble with me.”

(6) Explain logical discipline if the behavior continues

*Alert child to the possibility of a loss of privileges or break/time out if the behavior continues.

Behavior Modification - Refocus Time / Break (Timeout)

(1) Immediate Break from activity (Refocus Time) (short time: 2-5 minutes).

(2) Explain the possibility of a second, longer Break

(3) Second longer Break 5-10 minutes OR missing part of an activity

(4) Explain third Break: missing their favorite or an entire game/activity

- Third Break: missing an entire activity or game 

(5) Sit down conversation with their parents on their behavior