Tips In Setting Up A Working Relationship

Here are some ideas to consider when parents hire someone to work in their home, and for staff who accept a job working with kids in their home.

These are suggestions and not a policy or set of procedures. Parents and staff should decide what will work best for themselves in setting up a working relationship.

  1. Schedule & Pay: Talk and agree on schedule (hours /days) and salary before hiring

  2. Daily Schedule to set up for working with the kids: What is the daily routine? Active or quiet activities times, and snack, or lunch time?

  3. Duties: What are the expected responsibilities of the activity leader?

  4. Areas of the home that will be used. Where will the activities take place in the home? Inside? Outside?

  5. Bathroom: What facilities are available?

  6. Safety: What Covid-19 protocols are in place in the home?

  7. Driving: is driving part of the job? Whose car? Did parent want a DMV license check done at time of hiring.

  8. Transportation: Will the activity leader drive to your home? Or take public transportation? If driving there, is there a a designated spot where they can park for free in your neighborhood?

  9. Rules and Child Management: Both parents and activity leader can benefit from a discussion on this topic and agreeing on how to work with the kids in the family. It is helpful for everyone, especially the kids, to establish agreement between the parent and the activity leader on rules, behavior management and discipline before beginning work in the home.