Parents: find a leader for an activity below. You can also find and reach out to a Strength Training Leader and let the leader recommend activities to do.

Strength Training

For children 13+

Strength training is an important component for many sports. Hire an experienced lifter to help teach safe techniques and provide spotting while lifting.

Activity Details

This is a high risk activity and should be performed and supervised by an experienced instructor. Strength training exercises vary widely according to the lifter's ability and goals. Oly's or Olympic-style lifts (snatches, cleans, etc.) are highly dynamic and require a highly experienced coach.


Beginners through advanced lifters welcome

  • Learn how to lift safely
  • Learn which types of lifts will build which muscles
  • Put together a weekly program to target your goals
  • Lift under supervision by an experienced spotter
  • Receive tips on improving your form

Leader Prep: Discuss with the parent about the child's ability level and goals. Are there specific lifts your child expects to learn? Or are they looking for a general strength training program to help them advance in another sport?

Parent Prep: Either have a home gym to provide, or be prepared to pay gym fees. Most high schools will allow students to use weightlifting rooms during open gym hours, but check on their policy for allowing non-student coaches to use the gym as a guest-spotter.

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