Tips For Working With Groups Of Children

If you’re working with a group of children there’s a couple of strategies you can utilize, based on summer camp models. You want to help establish a safe environment for the children to bond and have fun together. This means not only helping the children bond and become comfortable with each other, but with you as well. Here are some tips and strategies to use when working with groups of children:


Having a daily introduction/group meeting can help set the expectations of the day as well as help the kids get more comfortable with each other and you. 


Games are great for staying active and helping vent some energy or quiet games focusing more on connection and having fun as a group. There are different kinds of game to consider using when working with a group of children:


Setting rules when working with a group of children is really important. You want to be firm about expected and appropriate behavior so as to establish a safe and fun environment for the whole group. 

*Talk with parents beforehand about recommended strategies for working with their children

Group Dynamic: 

Setting up a fun group dynamic can help the kids feel more comfortable with each other and you. A number of elements can go into setting up a group dynamic, not all of which are always necessary or desired by the group of children but they are things to consider!

- This way if you have a good amount of kids in your group that you’re watching over it can be an easier way to keep track of everyone. Make sure everyone gets a buddy and if you have an odd number then you can make a “truddy” (triple buddy)!

- It’s also a great way to help the kids get to know each other and connect. You can pair up kids who don’t already know each other well and using certain games or questions can help them connect and become friends!

- Let all the members of the group be creative and design their part of the flag, while also respecting their fellow group members and the agreed-upon design of the flag. This means not letting one or two kids create the majority of the flag while the rest watch or only get to draw small parts on it.

- Help facilitate and come up with a fair distribution of the flag that everyone agrees on - one idea is to create squares on the flag so everyone gets an equal part to draw whatever they want, then you can even cut it up and let each kid keep their own square after your time as a group comes to an end.

Handling Behavior Problems:

If you have a child misbehaving while looking after them you want to can try some of these suggestions but ultimately work with the parents on their preferred course of action for handling behavior problems